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Reaching us is easy! During business hours (M-F, 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. EST), you can: Call us at 614-451-4882 or 1-800-548-5670.

World of Travel has some of the finest and most experienced Travel Advisors you can find! Areas of expertise include but are certainly not limited to destinations and experiences such as: Europe, Asia, Caribbean, South America, adventure, family reunions, world cruises, luxury and more at the best possible value.

For Group Inquiries Please Call:1-800-548-5670


At World of Travel, we've been serving groups and associations for over 35 years. Click on the link below for a printable list of just some of our happy clients who willing to discuss the great trips we've organized for them--in many cases time and time again!

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Buy Foreign Currency Before You Go

Take Foreign Currency along with you- besides the convenience, we have the safest, and most secure method of purchasing. We even ship to your home or office! Choose from more than 125 countries and American Express® Travelers Cheques in 18 countries. Don't pay exorbitant fees found in airports, hotels and currency exchange outlets around the world.

Why Buy From Us?
  • Cash in hand - means you avoid using credit cards and paying up to a 3% surcharge on overseas purchases, or up to 9% for each $100 ATM withdrawal-- banks often charge their own customers for using ATM machines outside of the use, in addition to fees charged by the ATM owner; not all ATM cards work at all foreign ATM machines
  • C.P.P. Sell Back Guarantee – with Currency Price Protection, return unused foreign currency and we'll pay you the exact exchange rate as originally purchased for a small fee
  • Most local banks no longer sell foreign currency
  • When you arrive at your destination, you may need cash for taxis, snacks, meals, and tips...if your ATM card doesn't work, what will you do?
  • By clicking the link below, you can purchase up to $2,500 of nearly any foreign currency, or you can also purchase American Express traveler's cheques in foreign currencies; any of these can be purchased using an eCheck (provide your checking information via a secure Website), debit card, or credit card, and is shipped via insured, low cost delivery
  • For the same great rates and the same low shipping costs, if you're in a hurry call us (614-451-4882; 800-548-5670) and we can order the foreign currency and have it available for pickup within 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) at our office using cash, credit, or debit card (sorry, checks can only be accepted online!)
Place your order today by clicking the link below or by calling 1-800-548-5670 or 614-451-4882. Or, use our handy reminder link to email yourself a few weeks before your trip! CHOOSE CURRENCY FROM OVER 125 COUNTRIES.

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